Refocusing on Conservation

Refocusing on Conservation with Mauricio Copetti: Mauricio is wildlife cameraman from Brazil. While documenting the wilderness of the Pantanal wetlands Mauricio learnt more of the human pressures on this vital ecosystem. He realised that while documenting the wild was his passion, if he didn’t work to protect it there would be nothing left. He believes that we must collaborate if we are going to succeed in the climate and biodiversity crisis. By combining a trio of filmmaking, research and conservation he is working towards saving the future of the wetlands he loves. Imagine if our industry did this on a global scale.

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Presenter – Mauricio Copetti
Producer/ Director – Ruth Campbell
Director – Rowan Aitchison
Editor – Duncan McDonald
Online Editor – Daniel Lincoln, HOTCAT Media
Camera – Conrado Roel
Music – Luck G Production Music
Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer – Nicholas Allan
Archive Footage – Offspring Films
Graphics – Jump Design

Series Development Producer – Rowan Aitcherson
Series Producer – Ruth Campbell
Series Executive Producer – Jennie Hammond

Beyond The Frame Production Team: Ida-May Jones, Niel Brooks, Tom Richards, Alice Kirk, Deya Ward, Harry Gray, Niel Aldridge, Brian Henderson, Emma Tyrrell, Bridget Appleby, Josh Forwood

With thanks to: Offspring Films, Off The Fence, Plimsoll Productions, Instituto Delta Do Salobra