Friends of FF:W

We’re working specifically within the wildlife filmmaking community both here in the UK and internationally but there are many other fantastic groups we’re also in touch with working towards similar goals; please check them out:

We Are Albert

Run by BAFTA, We are Albert is the authority on environmental sustainability for film + TV. 

Not specifically for the wildlife genre but much is applicable to us so absolutely worth looking around their website at the tools and resources they offer, both on reducing impact and including conservation in content.

They also offer free Albert training which is useful for any production team.

They are building their database of green suppliers -not many on there for the South West as yet so we need to encourage any good suppliers to get on board and apply to be included: 

We’re working in collaboration with them to avoid duplication and hope to add wildlife specific tools useful and accessible for all of us.


Based in Bristol (UK) but reaching out to the worldwide natural history community.
Wildscreen strives to amplify authentic voices by providing a platform for natural world storytelling that raises awareness of the chief issues facing fragile ecosystems, endangered species and indigenous communities across the globe. 
We work diligently, collaboratively and imaginatively to inspire millions around the world to value the wonders of the natural world as much as we do. In addition to our charitable Outreach projects, we coordinate the internationally renowned Wildscreen Festival, celebrating the craft of natural world storytelling and Wildscreen Network, an inclusive global community at the heart of the natural history industry. 
Find out more about Wildscreen:

Jackson Wild Collective

The virtual home of the Jackson Wild global storytelling community, connecting, collaborating and inspiring change year-round.

Through ongoing mentorship, an international production database and career-building programs, the Collective provides resources for storytellers at all levels to elevate their impact and expand their opportunities.

You can sign up at

Other grassroots groups we're in touch with

Happily, there are other grassroots groups springing up both in the UK and internationally who we are also in touch with. We have similar aims and goals and aim to meet online regularly to share information and reduce likelihood of duplication. As yet we’re not aware of any wildlife specific groups but please let us know if you are.

Many of our colleagues are working on their own tools, resources and research all worth checking out:

Film Strike for Climate (FSFC)
Based in the UK (Bristol & London) but aims are international and across all genres of film and TV.

A grassroots movement of filmmakers who share the purpose of realising the global Film and Television industry’s maximum socio-ecological impact potential, through leadership, industrial action and storytelling. They’re working on some excellent research into what makes the most impactful content as one example.

Website in process, find them on social media:

Based in UK (London, Bristol, Northern Ireland)

Crew-led group pushing for more sustainable working practices and awareness in film productions. Rooted in the drama and feature film industry mainly in production. We are looking to spread out into commercials as well as post production. 

Working together with the environmental reps from BECTU and We are Albert.

Filmmakers for Future (Fm4f)
Based in Germany but aims are international and across all genres of film and TV.
Developing a map of green production companies, initiatives and events that everyone is invited to add to:  

Let’s get some more options on the map for Bristol!

Also working on a Sustainable Production Database – an ongoing effort to create an easy to use database of knowledge regarding sustainable production methods and technologies, a Wikipedia of green film production. 

To clarify, FF-W are not part of Fm4f but share the same name, hence the addition of “wildlife” to identify ourselves here in Bristol.

Young Environmental Activists (YEA)
Primarily Los Angeles, California but with a long-term US-International approach.

YEA  is an activist hub in the entertainment industry, the organization produces action-oriented events and initiatives to transform both the internal makeup of the industry and our world at large.