Video Submissions for Beyond the Frame

If you are submitting a video for use in the FF:W COP26 film, 'Beyond the Frame', please follow these guidelines for filming and submitting your clip.

This is one of x7 short films we are creating for COP26 and is based on FF:W’s Big Discussion survey results.

Open to anyone involved in making wildlife programmes, we asked “What do we want our programmes to achieve?”. The purpose was to better understand how crews are feeling about our content and how we make it in this time of crisis and to use this to inform discussions with production companies and broadcasters. The survey report is available to read here:

To ensure all the videos we receive look good and work together, we need to make sure they are made in a similar way. If you have access to a decent video camera (and mic setup) and are happy to shoot with that then great, but if not, the rear camera of a decent mobile phone should be absolutely fine. 

Here’s an example of how your video should look and sound. Please watch this 2 or 3 times before recording your own video so you can get the look, sound and timing right:

How to shoot your video:


  • Please make sure you film your video in landscape mode rather than portrait, as indicated below:
  • Please mount your camera or phone or a tripod, or place on a static object so the shot is still
  • Make sure you choose a simple natural (relatable and not set-dressed) location and avoid distracting backgrounds
  • Ensure you are well lit ready for taking your video. Our audience will want to be able to see you, don’t be shy!
  • Please look directly down the lens of the camera as if the lens/sensor was a face.


  • Choose a location that won’t be flooded with distracting sounds, like outdoors in bad weather etc
  • Please use an external microphone, if possible, even if an external audio recording is sent as a separate file.
  • Speak into the microphone at an angle to avoid harsh sounds like ‘p’ and ‘t’ popping.
  • Listen to the recording at the top of this page a few times to pace your speech (we are attempting to layer many voices together in unison)
Here’s a couple of examples of how your shot could look:

What to say
Please read the following statements to camera in order, and in one clip. Please include a 10 second hold between each one and a 30 second look down the lens at the end of the clip. These statements are based on our survey results from the Big Discussion.

    1. Wildlife filmmaking has a duty to report on the true state of the natural world.
    2. We must reduce the carbon footprint of our films, even if it takes more time or money.
    3. We need more diversity and collaboration at every stage of the filmmaking process.

For the purpose of consent and transparency the film will also include the following statements made anonymously. By taking part in the film your image may be associated with the themes included throughout the film:

  • “I feel eco-anxiety when working on films that aren’t talking about the crisis.”
  • “It is NOT OK to fly to film an endangered species without mentioning conservation.”
  • “We should no longer portray humans as separate from nature”
  • We must take responsibility to communicate the urgency of climate and biodiversity crises.
  • Wildlife films have the potential to make a meaningful difference…
  • It’s time to change the narrative.

How to send my clip
Once you’ve recorded your clip and it’s ready to send to us, you have a couple of options. 

If your clip is under 2GB, you can upload it to WeTransfer (Please follow the instructions below if you aren’t familiar with WeTransfer) and email us the link along with your name to

If your clip is over 2GB and you have access to something like GoogleDrive or iCloud, please upload to that and email us at with a link to download it.

If your video is larger than 2GB and you have no other way of sending it to us, and you’re unable to make the file smaller without drastically degrading the quality, please get in touch with us

  • WeTransfer:
    – Visit
    – You may be asked to accept cookies, this is all safe
    – If asked to sign in or select premium, there should also be an option to ‘Just send something’ which is completely free
    – Click ‘Upload Files’ and select your video clip for upload
    – Click the blue “…” menu button and make sure you have ‘Get a transfer link’ selected
    – Make sure your name and the title ‘Beyond the Frame’ is included under the ‘Message’ box
    – Click ‘Get Link’
    – Copy the link once the upload is complete and paste into an email to us at
    – If you’re sending this directly from your phone, you may find it easier to select ‘Send Email Transfer’ rather than ‘Get a transfer link’. If you do this however, please make sure your name and email address are included so we know who the video is from.