Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame with Ashwika Kapur is a wildlife filmmaker based in Kolkata, India – one of the most populous places on the planet. She has seen the impact wildlife documentaries have had on the awareness of the Bengal Tiger, but feels this is not enough. The Sundarbans, a coastal mangrove forest, where the tigers live is being destroyed by human development and climate change. By focusing on just the pristine tiger reserve we are missing this part of the narrative. It’s time we told our audiences the whole story.

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Presenter – Ashwika Kapur
Producer/ Director – Ruth Campbell
Director – Rowan Aitchison
Assistant Producer – Alice kirk
Researcher – Harry Gray
Camera –
Editor – Dan Jewell, Keen Eye Media
Online Editor – Daniel Lincoln, HOTCAT Media
Music – Luck G
Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer – Nicholas Allan
Assistant Sound Editor – Alison Green
Archive Footage – RoundGlass Sustain, Soumyajit Nandy, Aishwarya Sridhar

West Bengal Forest Department, Pond 5,
Graphics – Jump Design

Series Development Producer – Rowan Aitchison
Series Producer – Ruth Campbell
Series Executive Producer – Jennie Hammond

Beyond The Frame Production Team: Niel Brooks, Tom Richards, Deya Ward, Niel Aldridge, Brian Henderson, Emma Tyrrell, Bridget Appleby, Josh Forwood

With thanks to: RoundGlass Sustain, Offspring Films, Plimsoll Productions