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General Questions

We are a grassroots community of Bristol based wildlife filmmakers with two main aims:

1 –  To collaborate on ways of reducing the environmental impact of wildlife filmmaking

2 – To encourage content that raises awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis, and which inspires real change

Anyone working in or with the wildlife filmmaking industry can join FF:W. The more people we have from different roles, the better we will be able to understand how we can make positive change.

Right now, due to Covid, we are purely an online-only community. However when things begin to improve, and it becomes safe to do so, we hope to start regular meetups in Bristol, UK.

There are many ways you can be part of FF:W. The best way is to sign up to our website which will give you access to our forum for discussions and announcements. By signing up you will also receive details for joining our WhatsApp community and announcements group.
In addition to that, we are also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you can follow us and watch out for news and updates.

FFW is constantly evolving and finding new ways to meet our goals. In addition to our platforms mentioned above, we host webinars, film screenings and Q&A sessions; encourage content for the promotion of environmentally friendly filmmaking, and encourage collaboration within the community.

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Other Questions

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  • Click on the cog symbol on the right of the page and select, ‘Edit Profile’.
  • Click on the current profile picture and select, ‘Change Photo’.
  • Upload your new photo to complete, then hit ‘Save Changes’

Once you’ve made a post on the forum, simply click on your name and you’ll access your forum profile. Through here you can change your name, add your website details, and access details like your previous posts

Sometimes the unsubscribe button doesn’t change to ‘subscribe’ but it should still be working.
If you want to check what you are subscribed to, click on your username in the forum and go to, ‘Subscriptions’.
From there you can see what you’re subscribed to and remove any unwanted subscriptions.