From Crisis to Collaboration

From Crisis to Collaboration with Paula Kahumbu: Paula Kahumbu is a Kenyan ecologist turned wildlife filmmaker. She has seen first hand how local people are crucial to conservation efforts across Africa and could see that her academic work was not helping protect species on the ground. She realised the potential wildlife documentaries have to foster positive relationships between people and wildlife and the benefit this could have in the conservation of Africa’s iconic species. Despite Africa being the focus of many wildlife documentaries in the global north they weren’t reaching African TV channels. She made it her mission to create wildlife and environmental films made in Kenya, filmed by Kenyan filmmakers for Kenyan audiences.

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Presenter – Paula Kahumbu
Producer/ Director – Rowan Aitchison
Story Producer – Emma Tyrrell
Camera – Jia
Editor – Benjamin Ward
Online Editor – Daniel Lincoln, HOTCAT Media
Music – Luck G
Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer – Nicholas Allan
Archive Footage – Wildlife Direct, Offspring Films, John Aitchison, Motion Array
Graphics – Jump Design

Series Development Producer – Rowan Aitcherson
Series Producer – Ruth Campbell
Series Executive Producer – Jennie Hammond

Beyond The Frame Production Team: Niel Brooks, Tom Richards, Deya Ward, Niel Aldridge, Brian Henderson, Emma Tyrrell, Bridget Appleby, Josh Forwood

With thanks to: Wildlife Direct, Whitley Fund For Nature, Offspring Films, Plimsoll Productions, Icon Films